In The Rebound

Hi, i am Liz and I'm now a rebound local girl hookup.

Meaning, I Love him. Plenty. He loves me a great deal. But he just adopted away from an union, a three year, messy, devastating union that simply ended, literally. I've found me constantly getting here for him, raising him up, creating him laugh and smile and spending.  But it is never reciprocated. We informed me I wouldn't fall,  I never ever meant to…the basic handful of occasions we hung out i needed to stab my personal sight around with a fork because all he did was explore her, making the rounds around in sectors and extremely, at this point-what can you state?

I desired to express, "She had been an awful bitch and you're better off", but throwing him as he's down actually my design. I needed become his pal, and that's it. There is history, we are here for every other.

Now I believe like i am straight-out associated with Taylor Swift song, "You Belong With Me" and I never thought I'd be around. Friends let me know not to consult with him, go out with him, end up being indeed there for him, but i cannot prevent. Part has to end up being masochistic, however the different part-I actually love this guy. If I'm becoming entirely truthful, i do want to simply tell him that i believe he installed the moon. Which he's wonderful. That we see us collectively pleased, and that i'd never ever treat him just how she performed.

I do not wish to be utilized though-I wouldn't like him knowing he'll get what he demands from me (maybe not literally), but mentally, psychologically, etc…heal, and then proceed to another person.  I want to pull the reins in only a little. I want him to treat by himself for him observe things clearly-to see me personally clearly.

Until then, I'm Liz. And that I'm changing my personal head. I am not a rebound woman.